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The World Dumpling Championship, 2020

Judges Zena Leech-Calton (Love Norwich Food) and dumpling maker Eve Stebbing have judged the competition, and here are the results:-

World Dumpling Champion:-
Blake Bowden.
Home Cooking Champion:-
Christine Liu.


Blake Bowden's winning entry

Rainbow Chard and St Jude Malfatti with parsley and walnut pesto and Killeen Goats Gouda


1 Small bunch Swiss Chard – washed, stems and leaves separated.

1 St Jude cheese – or ricotta

1 lemon zest only

Salt and pepper

Pinch nutmeg

1 – 2 tbl chick pea flour or 1 egg and breadcrumbs to bind


1 small bunch parsley, washed, dried and coarsely chopped including stems

100g walnuts

1 clove garlic

1 lemon juiced

100ml Extra Virgin Rapeseed oil

Salt and Pepper



Chop chard stems fine and steam for 5 mins. Steam leaves for 2 mins. Allow to cool and then squeeze out excess moisture. Finely chop both in food processor or manually.

In a bowl add rest of ingredients and mix thoroughly. The mix should be sticky but able to form intop balls, if it feels too wet add a little more chick pea flour/breadcrumbs. Roll into balls the size a large cherry, dust with a little chick pea flour and arrange them on greaseproof paper in a steaming basket.

For the pesto ideally using a mortar and pestle crush the garlic with a pinch of salt. Once it is a paste add parsley and crush until it is breaking down into a paste, add walnuts, crush until they are creamy but still with some texture, add oil, lemon and season.

Steam Malfatti for 5 mins, then serve hot with the pesto and grated Cheese. Killeen will be understandably difficult to source- pecorino, parmesan or Norfolk Mardler are all good substitutes.


My version of an Eco dumpling focuses on using produce that I have grown or made myself in or near to Norwich. I believe that one of the ways to empower people to make more environmentally friendly decisions is through knowledge of cooking and growing. If people learn to produce more themselves this helps to take pressure off our food system whilst giving people the pride and satisfaction of creating their own food.

Huge thanks to our new partner this year - the wonderful Norfolk Food-Hub, an organisation that aims to reduce food waste and fight hunger.

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