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We Love dumpling
Norfolk Dumplings

The Norfolk Dumpling (or twenty minute swimmer) is flavour of the month.  Eve Stebbing will be out on tour with story-swaps and workshops all helping you to get inspired about our region's signature dish. Look out for us at the Forum during Norfolk day.

The dumpling has been a Norfolk speciality for generations.  Traditionally, they are the yeast variety, and were said to be so light that the Cromer fishermen could use them to keep up their nets.  Whether or not that is just a bit o' squit is for you to judge.  Here are two recipes to get you started:-

- the aristocrat of the dinner table (Arthur Pendle)

Recipe (with thanks to Baker, Brian Tubby)

8oz Flour,

oz Live Yeast,

Pint Warm Water,

1 tsp Salt.

Prepare as for bread dough, add more flour if needed to make this a dry but springy mixture. Leave to rise for an hour. Shape into 4oz balls. Place in a saucepan of boiling water for twenty minutes.

Sinkers -
The dumpling? - that's all just a matter of how you like to adulterate it (Michael Quinton)

Recipe (with thanks to Michael Quinton)

Any amount of flour,

Half the amount of suet,

A little water - not too much.

Mix together flour and suet.  Add a little water to make a dough and shape  into 4oz balls. Place in a saucepan of boiling water for twenty minutes.

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