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Norfolk Dumplings

Norfolk is famous for its dumplings. The so-called 'Twenty Minute Swimmer' has earned its place in the history of the region. These savoury morsels might be a true flavour of Norfolk's history, but dumplings are a taste of home wherever you come from. From Italy to Russia, China to Africa, there are countless varieties to enjoy. And what about the dumplings of the future - what innovations await?  Spin-Off celebrates them all in a very special new event.

The World Dumpling Championships, 2019
offer the chance for dumpling makers, both professional and amateur, to show their skill. The day brings with it the chance to share tales of home. The story attached to your dumpling is even part of the way it will be judged.

A panel of three judges (to be announced) will taste your work. The event is competitive, with the coveted Golden Dumpling as prize. But the emphasis of the day is one of appreciation. 

Date and times:-
The Championships will take place at The Sanctuary, Grove Walk on Saturday, March 30. It is open to the public, and free to attend and to enter. Booking for entrants is essential. We will provide steamers and hobs, but you need to bring your ingredients and other equipment. The amateur event takes place at 11am and the professionals will start cooking at 1.30pm. Go to the 
Contact page to book your place.

Professionals unable to attend can send in their dumplings if they contact us to make arrangements.

The Sanctuary is a beautiful community cafe and church. We are proud partners for this event.

The dumpling has been a Norfolk speciality for generations. Made with just flour and water, they were said to be so light that the Cromer fishermen could use them to keep up their nets. Whether or not that is 'just a bit o' squit' is for you to judge. Here are two recipes to get you started:-

'The aristocrat of the dinner table.' (Arthur Pendle)

Recipe (with thanks to Norfolk baker, Brian Tubby)

8 oz Flour,

oz Live Yeast,

pint Warm Water,

1 tsp Salt.

Prepare as for bread dough, add more flour if needed to make this a dry but springy mixture. Leave to rise for an hour. Shape into 4 oz balls. Place in a saucepan of boiling water for twenty minutes.

Sinkers -
'The dumpling? - that's all just a matter of how you like to adulterate it' (Michael Quinton, Norfolk butcher)

These dumplings are better known in Suffolk.

Recipe (with thanks to Michael Quinton)

Any amount of flour,

Half the amount of suet,

A little water - not too much.

Mix together flour and suet.  Add a little water to make a dough and shape into
4 oz balls. Place in a saucepan of boiling water for twenty minutes.

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